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Let’s find out the top customer complaints about the makeup artists they ordered their makeup from.

Didn’t recognize the wishes
Many of the stories of dissatisfied customers start the same way: “I came in, she [the makeup artist] turned me away from the mirror and started painting right away, without even asking what I wanted. Then she turned me back to the mirror and with a satisfied look said: “Well, there! Look how beautiful it is!” And I look at myself and realize that I don’t recognize myself in the mirror. And now I’m going to wash it all off my face.

She didn’t shut up.
“And yesterday I painted such a disgruntled girl, she did not like everything. I came home, I tell my husband that the client got nasty, and he does not even react, playing his tanchiki, ignoring me completely. Well, I was upset, went to her friend called, and she instead of listening to me, began to complain about how she and the kids hard to sit at home.

And this is the stream of consciousness for an hour or more. Not everyone could take it!

Acting like a diva.
There are these types of makeup artists who condescendingly let the client know that she is a shallow woman who doesn’t know much about makeup and looks so bad that even a super-mega-pervising makeup artist can’t do anything. They let you know that with your droopy eyelid/shaped eyebrows/laden weight, you can’t expect to look good. And they paint you as if they’re doing you a favor.

Didn’t do as well as the picture I brought.

And here’s the moot point. On the one hand, when the master says, “Yes, I’ll do it like the picture,” and the result is not happy, the master is to blame. On the other hand, a good master will explain to the client that not all pictures can be repeated on her face, simply because the shape or color will not suit her. And it’s not a question of craftsmanship, but of the shape of the face, eyes, and nose.

Made much worse than the photo in her portfolio
Unfortunately, there are some craftsmen who decide it’s easier to post someone else’s work on their Instagram than to work on their own work. No comment here.
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