How do you get water to stop conducting electricity?

Everyone knows that water is a good conductor of electric current. For this reason, for example, you should not bathe in a thunderstorm, not work with wet hands on electrical appliances and so on. But does water actually conduct electricity?

In fact, it is not water that conducts current, i.e. not water molecules but various impurities contained in it, in particular ions of various mineral salts. Water is an excellent solvent, so in nature there are always many different impurities dissolved in water, which cause water in its natural state on Earth to always conduct current.

But modern technology, if necessary, makes it possible to completely purify water of all impurities, leaving only the molecules of water itself. Water purified of impurities is called distilled water. So distilled water almost does not conduct electric current, but instead is a good dielectric. Distilled water is widely used in engineering, medicine and industry and is produced in large quantities. It can even be bought in auto stores and pharmacies.

However, do not rely too much on the fact that the water is purified and therefore should not conduct current. The fact is that distilled water requires special treatment, otherwise it will very quickly dissolve a lot of impurities again and again become a conductor. So at home you can’t keep water too clean for too long so that it doesn’t conduct current.

All this means that safety precautions when working with electrical appliances and devices should still not be violated. Remember that the water you may encounter in ordinary life always has impurities and is therefore a good conductor of electric current.

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