Diarrhea in a domestic cat. How to help?

Diarrhea in domestic cats with water
If there are numerous liquid-like discharge in the feces, then it is possible to assume an exacerbated course of symptoms. It is most often caused by intoxication, but other factors can also be present. Very often this type of disorder is easily cured and immediately goes away. But the danger of this kind of disorder is dehydration. When diarrhea in a domestic cat is severe and very frequent, in such a case it is not possible to replenish the lack of water to the norm at home. In this case, it is necessary to go to the vet clinic, but if there is no possibility, then call the veterinarian.
So it is necessary to establish an indicator of the lack of water and veterinary assistance to the pet. Most often in these moments apply to IVs with all sorts of compositions: glucose, Ringer, etc. It is better to replenish water intravenously.
But at the same time not all owners have the opportunity to visit the clinic 2-3 times a day for any length of time. And also not many people can do such an event by their own efforts. In such situations veterinarians resort to subcutaneous injections. Not a few owners are able to perform such an injection on their own.

Stomach upset in a cat, cat, kitten yellow
Usually, in pets, defecation is of a brownish color. This is due to pigmentation by “stercobilin.” This is an element of bile that has run b/w through the various digestive components. However, when the “stercobelin” is not transformed, a huge amount of bilirubin remains. This is what pigments the feces yellow. In the situation of liquid stools in a cat, the yellow color of the feces is considered to be typical, because with active peristalsis the digestive processes do not keep up in full and no small amount of “bilirubin” will usually.
However, at the time of “jaundice” is a symptom. To diagnose the disease will become necessary at a minimum to take blood for biochemistry.

Stomach upset in domestic cats and cats of light color
The light color of feces is obtained in the case of a lack of bile dyes: bilirubin and stercobelin. This is a symptom of bile outflow damage. This sign predicts the presence of bile duct obstruction. There may be manifestations of the disease jaundice.

Diarrhea in a cat, cat, kitten green
If a pet’s feces are lettuce colored, the main cause is a putrefactive origin in the gastrointestinal tract. This almost always happens when ingesting expired foods. It is also common to have enzyme starvation situations, which cause the food to start rotting in the stomach, starting bloating and intoxication.

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