How to choose the perfect women’s shoes

Fashionistas around the world repeatedly wonder how to choose shoes for girls. There are a number of tips, but they, in most cases, boil down to one thing, such shoes must be beautiful, comfortable. When the shoes are pressing by the end of the day will dream only about how to take them off, even if they are very beautiful. Therefore, if you want women’s shoes to bring you only pleasant emotions, you should take into account the following parameters.

The material – first of all.
The material from which the shoes, boots, boots are made is important. It is better to pay attention to natural materials. Leather women’s shoes have the following advantages:

elasticity. This allows her to lie perfectly on the leg, taking into account its anatomical features;
protects legs from temperature drops, so you will be comfortable in any weather.
But it should also be noted that the price of such counterparts is higher than analogues sewn from leatherette. But the price is justified, because these shoes will last much longer.

When choosing – women’s suede shoes are not designed for rainy weather, at this time of year you should choose a more stable variant. In addition, in summer you should carry a brush to remove dust. So your sandals will always look beautiful, well-groomed.

The fullness of the shoe.
With the material all is clear. There is a question: how to determine the completeness of the shoe, what this parameter means.
This is a very important characteristic that determines the comfort of shoes. Surely you know – feet of the same length can have different fullness. It is determined by the distance between the heads of the metatarsal bones. When choosing the optimum is considered the following disparity:

8 millimeters for everyday versions;
5-6 millimeters for model models.
On average modern shoes are made in twelve versions of completeness, so you can choose the option that best suits you.

Decided to choose women’s shoes? Then you should pay attention to the design. There are a few tips that are designed for general fashion trends, as well as combinations with clothing:

You want to wear shoes under a long skirt? Then make sure that there is no gap between them;
Do not combine a short skirt and a high heel, the shorter the skirt, the lower the heel should be;
For an open top it is better to buy light sandals with thin straps;
Shoes, ballerinas, sandals should match the color of the suit.
There is also a list of tips that take into account the anatomical features of your foot:

for girls with a low height, a high heel or stiletto is considered ideal. Do you need to walk often? Then be sure to pay attention to the platform, it makes the sandals more comfortable;
Girls with a puffy figure are advised to avoid a thin stiletto heel. More appropriate will look albeit high, but massive heel.
But in general, only you can decide, the main thing – you must like it.

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